8AM, Only relevant news, selected by real people, not algorithms

8AM is the right news product for these times. As readers are inundated with more and more news, they are sometimes unable to distinguish the important from the trivial, the valuable from the disposable.

Instead of using GAFAs behavioural analysis algorithms, readers of 8AM newsletters choose for themselves which subjects they want to follow.

These articles and facts are written and selected by real journalists and experts in the chosen field. They edit and select every item for the informational value it provides, not for its viral potential.


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25-55 high end readers highly interested in their chosen theme

Newsletters to date

  • 8AM Business

    8AM Business NL & FR

    A daily newsletter with remarkable business and political news (powered by Business AM)

  • 8AM Newsweek

    8AM Newsweek

    Exclusive weekly e-mag for subscribers of the Newsweek magazine

  • 8AM Wijn

    8AM Wijn Insider

    All you need to know about wine with Frank Van der Auwera

  • 8AM Wetstraat

    8AM Wetstraat Insider

    Political analyses and inside stories by Wouter Verschelden

  • 8AM Klimaat

    8AM Klimaat

    Biweekly updates on climate change, one of the greatest challenges in human history.

  • 8AM Goodbye

    8AM Goodbye

    Interesting travel stories and tips bring the holiday spirit to your mailbox.

  • 8AM Tech

    8AM Tech

    The major and minor revolutions from the world of technology.