Newsweek Magazine
Think. Forward.

Since its launch in 1933, Newsweek has been a powerhouse in describing the great trends that shape our society, from political shifts to economic upheaval. With our societies in turmoil, deep knowledge and a grasp of the tectonic changes is more important than ever.

With its unique international and investigative brand of journalism as well as columninsts like Fared Zakaria and Niall Ferguson, combined with great local content created by a strong Flemish editorial board, you get the ideal magazine for the new knowledge-driven generation.

In addition, Newsweek provides a global perspective on lifestyle news from the arts to psychology and philosophy.


Key figures

Publication form

Print magazine


B 209 x H 274 mm


Readership: 134.000


8 magazines/year


Single copy sales in 4.000+ sales outlets in Belgium.

Target audience

25-55 high end readers (homo eclecticus) with a global perspective